Follow your audience everywhere, without disturbing anyone.

Radar* provides your event with an RFID system to locate people

Whether you manage a one-time event or a permanent facility, you can deploy as many checkpoints as you want.

Each visitor, organization member or guest gets a badge (or another device), which makes it possible for you to follow them, certify their attendance or simply, identify them.

See everything: who is where, and where is who.

Radar* tracks your visitors, members and participants without disturbing them. This module can also detect the presence in different rooms or areas, and at the booths.

With Radar*, certifying a training, knowing people’s preferences or preventing bottlenecks in catering areas sudddenly becomes a piece of cake.

With Radar* discover the Audience* suite

Whether your event is free or paid, recreational or professional, your Radar* module is part of the Audience* suite, available in three versions. Still not convinced? Contact us for more information.

Recreational events

Professional events

Permanent facilities

This module includes


  • RFID geotracking system


  • External CRM


  • Individual follow-up

  • Multipoint attendance control

  • Monitoring of the journey

  • Attendance validation

  • Attendance certification

  • Centralization of opt-in requests

  • Virtual business cards

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From small concerts to massive events

Theme Parks

From small concerts to massive events


From small concerts to massive events

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From small concerts to massive events


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