Enrich your events, seminars and other facilities offering fun and unique experiences.

Our team will invent tailor-made games using all the technologies of your facility (RFID, QR codes, cashless,…) through challenges, bets, auctions and other original activities.

Whatever your audience is, they will never blame you for entertaining them. In the end, isn’t the main purpose of any event to bring people together and give them a good time?

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With Experience* discover the Audience* suite

Whether your event is free or paid, recreational or professional, your Experience* module is part of the Audience* suite, available in three versions. Still not convinced? Contact us for more information.

Recreational events

Professional events

Permanent facilities

This module includes


  • Tailor-made devices for public animation


  • Access*

  • Pay*

  • EventApp*

  • External CRM


  • RFID management

  • Profile management

  • Data collection

  • Money collection

  • Geotracking

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From small concerts to massive events

Theme Parks

From small concerts to massive events


From small concerts to massive events

Sports Clubs

From small concerts to massive events


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