Staff & Stuff*

Keep your human and material assets under control at all times.

Manage the unmanageable: people

Staff & Stuff* provides a complete HR management solution for events and permanent facilities.

Benefit from an application portal, select and accredit your team members, coordinate their access.

Offer your team members a digital portfolio including their access and catering tickets, their virtual credits, their authorizations and the follow-up of their schedules in a special space online.

With this module integrated with your Audience* suite, you will easily manage human ressources, an indispensable asset when you welcome visitors.

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With Staff & Stuff* discover the Audience* suite

Whether your event is free or paid, recreational or professional, your staff & stuff* module is part of the Audience* suite, available in three versions. Still not convinced? Contact us for more information.

Recreational events

Professional events

Permanent facilities

This module includes


  • HR management for events


  • Pay*

  • Access*

  • Third-party applications


  • Registration portal

  • Management of team member applications

  • Personal account per team member

  • Authorization management

  • Multizone access management

  • Access level and preference management

  • Schedule/shift management

  • Advantage management (catering tickets, virtual credits)

  • Multizone presence control (check-in & check-out)

  • Equipment management

  • Centralized interface

  • Team member follow-up

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From small concerts to massive events

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