A shared passion for the event.

Beyond the technical aspect, Audience solutions have been designed by event and financial professionals.

We share the same passions. An event, a recreational or sports venue, almost always faces these three challenges: managing people, logistics and cash flow.

Management software, tested in the field to manage the best…

Our systems have been tried and tested in the field, at urban festivals, concerts and conferences.

Our mantra is to make your audience’s experience as smooth as possible, reducing the friction that systematically leads to lost revenue. It’s not just about trivially increasing your sales. It’s about making the audience want to spend more, in the flow that’s most enjoyable for them.

And the worst part…

Since we must unfortunately talk about it, between volunteers, crowds and money, temptations are numerous and toxic to your management. With many experiences in the field, we are well aware of leakages, frauds and other wastes.

Our solutions have been designed to eliminate any fraudulent attempt, in its very architecture, favoring control by minimizing these vicissitudes inherent to all places welcoming the public.


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