Event, Congress, Venues, Sport.

Event, Business, Venues, Sport. Four digital suites to manage the financial and human flows of all types of audiences and events.

Guaranteeing a unique experience deserves unique solutions.
Terminals, software, personnel and technical support: Audience * solutions offer comprehensive event management to the most demanding organizers, whether you are deploying professional or recreational events, or whether you have a permanent facility welcoming the public.

The most complete event management solution

The congress and exhibition management solution.

The visitor ecosystem for permanent installations.

The visitor ecosystem for sports facilities.

For pros of the public, by pros of the public.

Emisys Audience Event is flexible to your ambitions, planning and budget.

From a simple cashless module to a complete suite, everything is modular and customizable.

Standard design or dedicated skins, our modules are designed to fit into the profiles of each event and into the systems you have already adopted.

Proven solutions in many sectors

Festivals, tourism, congresses, exhibitions, seminars, if there is a public, Audience* is there to manage payments, access and especially to improve your organization and simplify your life

Guarantees Audience*

A shared passion for the event.

Beyond the technical aspect, Audience’s solutions were designed by event and financial professionals. We share at least one passion.

99,999% uptime

Redundancy and devices studied against the hazards of ephemeral events and the wear and tear of permanent places. We guarantee it, and we commit ourselves to compensate you in case of breakdown.

One Team

Our solutions are always accompanied by dedicated support. We develop, we train and we accompany you in the field.
So that you can make the most of your solution.

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