Sports club

You don't have to be a big club to benefit from digital transformation.

Tennis, soccer, hockey… Even if our Audience*Sport solutions equip stadiums, our tools have been designed and tested to suit all sports clubs and will evolve with your ambitions.

Today, to ensure a healthy management of your club, cashless technology is becoming more and more vital. Audience*Sport is the ideal solution to reduce waste (leakage), automate season tickets, eliminate cash, and increase the average basket size.

Improve the lives of your members

  • Audience*Sport is a system that pays off by improving the life of your members. It has never been so easy to recharge your card, to buy tickets, to check your balance online… or in a nutshell: to simplify the life of your club administrators.
  • And often, yours too.

Strengthen, energize.

If some “highlights” of your events require more assets, the Audience* teams will provide you with all the necessary infrastructure for the fateful date. Our expertise will come in handy to give you proven solutions no matter how large the crowd you are hosting.

Looking for a way to energize your club? Our solutions include membership management and all the membership marketing you need to grow your community, and most importantly, delight it.

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the complete ecosystem
to manage
your sports club.

Guarantees Audience*

A shared passion for events

The Audience* suite is the result of a shared reflection by event, financial, and IT professionals. Our solutions combine their expertise and reflect their common passion.

With you, we will take up these 3 challenges: managing people, logistics, and the cash flow.

More than 99% uptime

We guarantee 99.999% uptime on our solutions.

Redundant and robust, our systems have been tested in the worst conditions, failure scenarios studied, our infrastructures consolidated. In case of problems, you can count on our immediate intervention.

Experienced teams, in the field

Our solutions always come with dedicated support by our experienced teams. We develop, we train you, and we assist you in the field.
Our goal: to help you get the most out of your solution.

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