More features, more flexibility, more possibilities. Discover cashless on steroids.

Events or permanent structures, cashless payment increases your average basket by 10 to 30%.

With Pay* you choose the most complete and multifunctional cashless system you can offer to your audience: centralized, secure, optimized, multi-support, integrated.

Pay* puts your cash flow on steroids. It’s designed to make all types of payments smoother and eliminate as much frustration as possible from your audience.

But what good is muscle without brains? Combine Pay* with other Audience* modules to ensure intelligent pre-payments at the ticketing stage by improve your cash flow.

Discover cashless on steroids.



  • Cash, contactless and cashless payment system
  • Multi-support ( NFC – RFID – QR digital/paper – wristbands, cards…)


  • Multi-category
  • Multi-portfolio
  • Cash or product portfolio
  • Cash and cashless management
  • Bonds management
  • Rebate management
  • Bonus management
  • Promotions management
  • Management of individual and collective payments
  • Mixed payment management (cash+cashless)
  • Multi-currency management
  • Sales follow-up (by point of sale, by cash sheet, by salesperson)
  • Inventory management (tracking and alerts)
  • Real time sales reconciliation
  • Free credits – paid credits
  • Online reloading
  • Recharge via physical cashier
  • Recharge via automatic terminal
  • Reloading via application
  • Conditional management of refunds
  • Tracking and history of purchases (type, amount, date and time)
  • Credit card, paypal, applepay, bancontact, payconiq, maestro reloading


  • Accreditations* (in French only)
  • Access
  • Tickets
  • Third party applications


  • Installation by us
  • Provision of personnel
  • Use of your own equipment
  • purchase or rental of cash register system (QR or NFC)
  • purchase or rental of charging stations
  • purchase or rental of physical cash registers

With Pay* discover the Audience* suites

Whether your event is free or paid, recreational or professional, your Pay* module is part of the Audience
module is part of the Audience suite, available in three versions. Not sure? Contact us for more information.

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Professional events

Permanent installations

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From a simple concert

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Guarantees Audience*

A shared passion for the event.

Beyond the technical aspect, Audience’s solutions were designed by event and financial professionals. We share at least one passion.

With you we face these three challenges: managing people, logistics and cash flow.

Guaranteed. That's all.

We guarantee 99.999% uptime on our solutions.

Redundant, robust, our systems have been tested in the worst conditions, the failure scenarios have been studied, the infrastructures have been consolidated, we guarantee immediate interventions and compensation on your turnover.

Trained teams, on the ground.

Our solutions are always accompanied by dedicated support. We develop, we train and we accompany you in the field.

So that you can make the most of your solution.

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