Press, VIPs, guests: juggle accreditations.

Press, officials, VIPs, speakers… Managing your guestlist has become essential to any structure welcoming a large audience. Don’t let chance suprise you nor  requests overwhelm you.

Accreditation* offers you a proven platform dedicated to the management of “special guests” and their particular advantages: parking, catering, access, VIP areas, accommodation, consumer credits…

From the access request portal to the management of people issuing tickets, you can validate with precision packages, arrival times,  authorizations, and reservations related to each category: press, VIP, officials, suppliers…

Give your special guests an excellent welcome.



  1. Customizable registration portal
  2. Customizable accreditation (paper and electronic)
  3. Multi-interface (organizer, sponsors, online)


  1. Management of ticket categories
  2. Area management
  3. Time slot management (fixed and/or flexible)
  4. Promotion management
  5. Global management of quotas or by sales channel
  6. Change of categories (upselling)
  7. Payment by credit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Bancontact, Payconiq, Maestro


  • Cashless prepaid payment
  • Access control
  • Ticketing

With Accreditation* discover the Audience* suite

Whether your event is free or paid, recreational or professional, your *Accreditation module is part of the Audience* suite, available in three versions. Still not convinced? Contact us for more information.

Recreational events

Professional events

Permanent facilities

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From small concerts
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From small concerts
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From small concerts
to massive events

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A shared passion for events

The Audience* suite is the result of a shared reflection by event, financial, and IT professionals. Our solutions combine their expertise and reflect their common passion.

With you, we will take up these 3 challenges: managing people, logistics, and the cash flow.

More than 99% uptime

We guarantee 99.999% uptime on our solutions.

Redundant and robust, our systems have been tested in the worst conditions, failure scenarios studied, our infrastructures consolidated. In case of problems, you can count on our immediate intervention.

Experienced teams, in the field

Our solutions always come with dedicated support by our experienced teams. We develop, we train you, and we assist you in the field.
Our goal: to help you get the most out of your solution.

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